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Scaled Grid
Basemap and Borders
Forestry Commission
Forestry Commission Woodland
Community Forests
Woodland Grant Scheme Mk3
Felling Licence Applications
Forest Plans
National Forest Inventory
Walkers Welcome
Woods for People
Priority Places for England
Northumberland and Durham Pennine Fringe AC
Habitat Networks in SW England
Woodland Bird Targeting
WM Ancient Woodland Landscape Priority Restoration Area
WM Woodland Creation Grant Opportunity Area
JIGSAW Planting Zones IoW
Grow With Wyre WIG
Butterfly Conservation Area
Forest Services Areas
Woodland for Water Project Area
Woodland for Water
Ward Forester Project Areas
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Environmentally Sensitive Areas (Agreements)
Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
Countryside Stewardship Agreements
Nitrate Sensitive Areas
Natural England
Nature Improvement Area
Ramsar Sites
Special Protection Areas
Special Areas For Conservation
National Nature Reserves
Sites of Special Scientific Interest
Ancient Woodland (ASNW)
Ancient Woodland (PAWS)
World Heritage Site
National Forests
Rural Productivity Lagging Area
Registered Parks and Gardens
Scheduled Monuments
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RSPB Reserves

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